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Design 8000
Hairstyling School Ltd successfully
completes 15 years of excellent service and training
An Award Winning School
A Complete Hairdressing Diploma School
The Longest Running School in The City of Mississauga
 Message from the Director MICKY
In today's fashion & style dominated era, the art of hairstyling and make up has never been more exciting and opportunistic. The 21st century fashion industry is booming and because of this, there is a great demand of talented individuals. Hairstyling and Make Up Art today is not only a trade to be learnt, but can be a successful life-long careers.

At Design 8000, our aim is to provide the best learning, training and experience for all individuals interested in developing a professional skill in the art of hairstyling and make up art.
    At Design 8000 we promote all student's hidden potential and talents to be fully expressed and sharply trained, so that our students have the strongest foundation to enable them to face any challenges in their career life.

With out proven training system, in the last 20 years, Design 8000 student hair stylists have won thirteen provincial level awards and championships in the open competition. In past, our student stylists have acheived both Gold and Silver medalists and also awarded with National Championship at the prestigious A.B.A(WELLA) Show (held at the Toronto Convention Centre).